Uruguay authorities issue listeria warning on Chilean smoked salmon

Uruguayan authorities issued warning about Salmones Aucar products imported by Maraustral.

In response to a public health warning, the company Maraustral, which imports frozen smoked salmon to Uruguay, has recalled the products, according to El Observador.

However Fernando Guarch, director of Maraustral told the publication that the warning from Uruguayan authorities left him “confused”.

Guarch said that the smoked salmon never actually went on sale in Uruguay and that the the contamination detected was considered safe in “most of the markets of the world.”

Uruguayan authorities disagreed and issued a warning on Friday about the contamination of frozen fish prepared by Chilean company, Salmones Aucar. The affected fish are for packages of 100 grams to 1 kilogram that were made between November 8 and December 1, 2018.


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