US fresh salmon sales up 4 percent in units as price per lb goes down by 1.5 percent

Fresh salmon sales in the US retail market went up by 4 percent in the last four weeks ending 7 August, according to the latest data from Chicago-based market intelligence firm IRI.

The increase in volume sales came as the price per pound went down by 1.6 percent from $11.22/lb in the previous four weeks to $11.04/lb.

It marks the first time volume sales increased over the four months since SalmonBusiness started tracking them regularly.

Total volume sold during the last four weeks was 18.5 million lbs.

Dollar sales were up 2.48 percent to reach $205.2 million. In the previous four weeks, dollar sales totalled $200.2 million.

Salmon is a $2.5-billion-dollar industry in the US and anchors the fish case. In an interview with SalmonBusiness last Friday, a top executive with IRI described the recent downtrend in salmon sales as a blip and expected the category to recover shortly. That time has come.


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