US imports of Norwegian salmon surge 68 percent in August

Several market forces including fluctuating deliveries from Chile and lower production from neighbouring Canada have helped boost the value of Norway’s  Atlantic salmon exports to the US market in August.

Data from Norway’s Seafood Council show farmed salmon exports to the US market reached 5,630 tonnes for the month, totalling $76 million (NOK 755 million). This represents a whopping 68 percent growth in value of exports, year over year.

Anne-Kristine Øen, the Norwegian Seafood Council’s representative in the US, attributed this to the strong salmon prices, the strong dollar, lower production in Canada and the fluctuating deliveries from Chile. The South American country remains the largest supplier to the US market.

More salmon now comes from Norway than from other European markets, such as Great Britain and Iceland, Øen told Norwegian online business newspaper, E24 Næringsliv.

She added that American demand is high because restaurants have reopened post-COVID-19, and that many households started cooking more seafood at home during the pandemic.

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The United States, Poland and Denmark were the biggest markets for Norway’s Atlantic salmon in August.


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