US’ largest seafood facility shuts down for three weeks because of COVID-19 outbreak

editorial staff

Virus hits Trident Seafoods’ remote Akutan facility which processes over 1,300 tonnes of seafood, including king salmon, a day.

Last week it was reported that of the coronavirus outbreak at Trident Seafoods’ facility. Back then, four were quarantined and one had to be evacuated by air to a hospital in Anchorage, 766 miles (1,233 km) away after he had difficulty breathing.

Seattle Times reports that the company is now shutting down for three weeks. “We have done everything we can. But there is so much community spread out there,” said Dr. Ann Jarris, M.D., chief executive of Discovery Health, who has consulted for Trident.

Trident Seafoods’ Akutan plant, Aslaka. PHOTO: Trident Seafoods

Trident CEO Joe Bundrant said that it was a difficult decision to close but it was the right thing to do. 1,400 workers are currently at the site.

“This serious action to stop operations is necessary to allow us to do everything we can to provide a safe work environment and resume full operations as quickly as possible,” he said.


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