Vaccine producer appoints former Veso exec

Editorial Staff

Vaccine producer Hipra Nordic has announced the appointment of a new manager.

Veterinarian Camilla Jensen Velvin has been named the new CEO of the company, a subsidiary of Hipra. Velvin previously worked at Veso Apotek in Norway.

Hipra Nordic has an active production line for autogenous vaccines within the aquaculture industry.

Autogenous vaccines are custom-made vaccines prepared from pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.) that have been isolated from a specific herd or population of animals. These vaccines are developed for use within the same herd or population from which the pathogens were isolated.

“We will continue to supply autogenous vaccines to the aquaculture industry when the conditions for this are met. We are also working on several development projects for the registration of vaccines that the farming industry demands,” said Velvin in a press release on Monday.

The company, which also supplies vaccines to other industries such as agriculture, was established in 2014 and serves Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

Hipra, with headquarters in Girona, Spain, was founded over 50 years ago. Starting in 2007, the company has specialized in prevention and is now a significant player in the global veterinary vaccine market.


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