Vaccine production almost doubled so far this year


In 2016 Pharmaq sold 1.2bn fish vaccines. This year they have sold close to two billion, and Chile is a big market. 

“The volume increase is exceptional and is mainly due to strong sales growth in the Mediterranean. In addition, PD and its associated vaccine have contributed to the volume increase,” Quality Manager Inger Lundheim Kvitvang told Snasningen.

Pharmaq has about 70 percent share in several main markets, including Norway and Chile.

More production of vaccines also means more employees. So far this year, the company has increased the number of employees from around 50 to almost 60.

The production of the bacterial antigens, and all of Pharmaq’s vaccines, occurs at the Overhalla facility in Norway. Head of the factory, Trude Parnas believes the culture is more important than where the company is located.

“A little of our success is the culture: the willingness to stand together and be solution-oriented to reach goals. The belief, the will and of course the ability are three key words, plus hard work, in addition to a basis of technology and expertise. In the end, people and culture form the success,” she said.

In 2015, Pharmaq was sold to the US vaccine giant Zoetis for €692M. 


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