Vatne continues buying up Atlantic Sapphire shares

Aslak Berge
Vatne now controls 5.5 per cent of the company.

On Monday, Runar Vatne, managing director and primary shareholder of Atlantic Sapphire, bought 200,000 shares in the company. The deal was made through the investment vehicle Vatne Equity at a price of NOK 43.50.

Following today’s acquisition, the former stockbroker, Vatne, holds five million shares, equivalent to 5.5 per cent of Atlantic Sapphire, making him the company’s second largest owner.

The share purchase follows a transaction on 22 October, when Vatne bought 247,222 shares in Atlantic Sapphire at an average price of NOK 34.45 per share.

Atlantic Sapphire shares rose 3.7 percent on Monday, to NOK 43.75.


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