Vaxxinova Chile appoints new Technical and Commercial Director

Vaxxinova’s Business Unit (BU) Aqua has announced the appointment of Sandra Arcos Peña as the group’s Technical and Commercial Director for Vaxxinova Chile. Peña started work on April 1 and will report directly to the BU Aqua manager, Matias del Campo. As part of her responsibilities, Peña will oversea the LATAM cold-water aquaculture business, with special focus in the Chilean Salmon Industry.

Peña is a veterinarian professional from the Universidad Austral de Chile, Aquaculture Engineer from Universidad Católica de Temuco, holds a Masters in Aquaculture at Universidad Santo Tomas, a Master on Salmonid Health at Universidad San Sebastian and an MBA at Universidad Austral de Chile.

“With 20 years of experience in development, technical support, and sales of pharmaceutical and biologicals for the Aquaculture industry in Chile, Peña has held technical and commercial management positions in both Chilean and international health and pharma companies. Among other roles, she has served as Technical Assistant in Recalcine (1999-2002) and later as Technical Assistant evolving into her last position Aquaculture Business Manager for Virbac Centrovet in Chile,” a press release stated.

The team in Chile, which Peña is joining, will be fully focused on the strategic R&D pipeline that started in 2017. The company’s work targets novel vaccine products for prevention of major existing and emerging disease challenges in the Chilean Salmon Industry with registered and autogenous products that are later produced in dedicated Autogenous and GMP- standard factories in Germany and Italy.

Vaxxinova Norway and Vaxxinova Chile are subsidiaries of Vaxxinova International, which is part of the EW Group. The Vaxxinova group has expressed a commitment to disease prevention in livestock and aquatic animals and aims to provide “a complete set of autogenous and licensed vaccines and diagnostic services based on long term partnerships with veterinarians and animal health professionals,” the company stated.

While Vaxxinova was officially founded in 2010, the company’s predecessors have been involved in the livestock vaccine and diagnostics business since the 1950s, citing “more than 6 decades of expertise in disease prevention on production animals including poultry, fish, cattle and swine.”

Vaxxinova works as part of a global network, including production, research, development, sales and diagnostic facilities across 10 countries, including Chile, Norway and the US, advertising its products and services across more than 60 countries.


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