Ventisqueros faces fine over salmon escape

Ventisqueros risk fine of more than EUR 760 thousand.

The Chilean salmon farmer Ventisqueros, linked to the German group Schörghuber, risks fine because of late December’s salmon escape, according to El Mercurio.

Authorities received notification from the company on December 27, that there had been damages to the cages at the Tubildad site in the Los Lagos Region. Now there are reports that the Chincuy site has been affected.

Sernapesca ordered Ventisqueros to activate a contingency plan after it reported damages to cages due to a tidal surge and strong currents.

Chilean authorities also stated that the salmon company is subject to a more fines and possible revocations to the environmental qualification resolution (RCA) of its Tubildad farm.

Until now Ventisqueros has not reported how many salmon are missing from their farms and have gone as far to say that said the incident doesn’t constitute as an escape.


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