Ventisqueros signs up for $120 million green loan

editorial staff

New financial credit with banks Rabobank and DNB.

Mundo Acuicola reports that the Chilean salmon farmer Ventisqueros has signed up to new financial USD 120 million green loan with banks Rabobank and DNB.

This will be used to cover its current growth plan that will position it at 60 thousand tonnes of annual production in the coming years. The salmon farmer, owned by German conglomerate Schorghuber Group, currently produces 40,000 tonnes of fish, primarily Atlantic salmon but increasingly coho.

CEO José Luis Vial said that the the green loan was a milestone for the company.

“Sustainability permeates everything we do. The agreement reached with Rabobank and DNB strengthens Ventisqueros’ financial position, while addressing the growing demand of our clients to align their interests with companies that include sustainability among their main objectives,” he said.

“At the end of the day, customers are increasingly focused on a company’s ESG credentials. Not only in one instrument, but in the overall strategy of the company and the sustainability of all its activities,” added Vial.


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