Veramaris conducts research of omega-3 fatty acids and salmon consumption

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Dutch alternative fish feed company highlights importance of salmon in diet.

Veramaris’ has conducted extensive market research that highlights the “strong connection between the importance of omega-3 EPA & DHA content in salmon and increased salmon consumption frequency of US consumers,” it wrote in a press release.

Omega-3 EPA & DHA
The company, which produces natural marine algal oil at three sites in North America and Europe, wrote that it had developed comprehensive knowledge of salmon consumers and the salmonid industry value chain through innovative product analyses, surveys, interviews and focus groups. From 2016 to 2018, Veramaris conducted extensive market research with more than 14,000 consumers in 6 countries and 50 retailers from 5 countries to understand consumer and retailer perspectives toward salmon in major global markets, including the United States, France, UK and Australia.

It found that consumer data shows that omega-3 fatty acids are very important to omega-3 fatty acids in all of the surveyed countries, with at least 55% of participants responding that omega-3 content of the final salmon product is extremely or very important. Additionally, US consumers who eat salmon at least once per week are twice as likely to care more about the amount of EPA & DHA omega-3s in salmon than those who eat salmon every two or three months.

“Veramaris’ extensive body of market research on salmon consumer attitudes relating to omega-3 EPA & DHA fatty acids clearly shows the strong connection between the importance of omega-3 EPA & DHA content in salmon products and increased salmon consumption frequency. Salmon consumers care about omega-3 EPA & DHA content in salmon and this is a driver for increased salmon consumption” noted Christian Martin, Global Business Development Director for Veramaris.

Normally farmed salmon get their omega-3 from smaller oily fish that have been ground up and mixed into their feed. However, levels of beneficial omega-3 oils in farmed salmon have fallen significantly in the few years – though farmed salmon is still one of the richest sources of these – reported the BBC.

Natural marine algae
Veramaris is innovating to save marine life by reducing the value chain of nature. The company produce natural marine algae that can be directly fed to salmon.

“The dilemma for producing more salmon is that it needs fish oil. Fishing has been the only source. But there is not enough fish in the sea to ensure growth. This is something Veramaris has looked at with our investors,” said Veramaris CEO Karim Kurmaly in a feature for SalmonBusiness in January. The company and Skretting teamed up to provide fish feed to the salmon farmer Lingalaks.


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