Veramaris hires new team to accelerate global market development of algal oil

editorial staff

Alternative fish feed company building up team to scale up production.

In a press release, Veramaris wrote that six professionals have joined the Dutch-based firm to accelerate the launch of its natural marine algal oil rich in the two essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA for sustainable animal nutrition. They are experienced in aquaculture, human nutrition, and stakeholder dialogues across the value chain:

• Ian Carr, Global Business Development Director
• Lalen Dogan, Asia Pacific Business Development Director
• Gaelle Husser, Global Business Development Director
• Christian Martin, Global Business Development Director
• Steven Severino, New Business Development Director
• Jorge Torres, Latin America Business Development Director

The new team will strengthen the market position and roll-out of Veramaris’ natural marine algal oil, globally. “I am looking forward to working with our highly committed and experienced talents on solving the global challenge of reconciling economic growth with the urgent need to conserve finite natural resources. Collaborating with partners along the value chain, we will together do our best to support the sustainability of aquaculture, to provide healthy and nutritious food for all”, said Karim Kurmaly, Chief Executive Officer at Veramaris.

Veramaris produces its natural marine algal oil at three sites on two continents, North America and Europe. The third and largest facility in Blair, Nebraska, is currently under construction and expected to come on stream mid-2019 to supply commercial quantities of algal oil. Veramaris’ highly concentrated algal oil will enable the aquaculture industry to keep up with the increasing demand for omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA, and reduce its dependence on fish oil obtained from wild fish stocks.


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