Verlasso salmon was served to president-elect and Secret Service, says AquaChile

editorial staff

AquaChile salmon was part of the menu at the headquarters of the President-elect of the United States.

Verlasso, AquaChile’s ultra-premium salmon, was present at the Chase Center in Delaware, home of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden during key moments in that country’s presidential election and vote counting across states, the salmon company wrote in a press release.

Jim Berman, Sodexo’s executive chef at Chase Center in Riverfront, said that he chose Verlasso salmon for the campaign team because of its “consistent high quality and reliable supply chain”.

“I was glad to ask Verlasso by name and have the confidence to serve him when there is so much at stake. There was no room for mistakes in recent weeks, and my experience has always been going with the best,” said Berman who works with the catering giant.

When Election Night became Election Week, Berman’s six-person team worked 131 hours in total, preparing more than 500 meals every day, where all the salmon consumed was Verlasso de AquaChile. “For safety, we’re not allowed to comment specifically on who ate what,” Berman said, “but I can tell you that we fed the president-elect and his team, the Secret Service, the police, production personnel, the campaign team, and political officials”.


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