Victor Hugo Puchi the founder of AquaChile has died

Editorial Staff

Puchi was recognized as a pioneer in the industry and played a critical role in its growth and development.

Victor Hugo Puchi, the founder of AquaChile and a prominent figure in the Chilean salmon industry, has died at the age of 71.

AquaChile’s current CEO, Sady Delgado, acknowledged Puchi’s significant contributions in a statement.

He described Puchi as a simple, astute, and brave individual who deeply loved Chile and its regions. Delgado emphasized Puchi’s commitment to the development of Patagonia and his influence as an inspiration for current industry leaders.

“He was one of the pioneers of Chile’s salmon industry and the architect of its growth and development. It is difficult to understand the evolution of this industry without the figure of Victor Hugo,” wrote Delgado.

Puchi, originally from Patagonia, entered the salmon industry in 1988 and jointly controlled AquaChile with the Fischer family until 2019. Under his leadership, AquaChile grew to become the world’s second-largest salmon farmer, trailing only Mowi.

AquaChile was sold to the meat packing giant Agrosuper for a total of $850 million. After the sale, Puchi continued the family tradition of cattle raising.


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