Video: Marine Harvest hiring offshore supply ship to combat sea lice

Susanne Rislå Andersen

In the bird’s eye view, you can see “Rem Fortune”, which usually supplies the oil industry, shipping fresh water for the salmon farmer.

The financially struggling shipping company, Rem Offshore, received two weeks of work for the supply ship “Rem Fortune” from the salmon farming giant.

The fresh water is being used to combat sea lice – the main bottleneck for salmon production growth in Norway.

The task was to carry fresh water from the Marine Harvest smolt site at Bessaker, Central Norway, to Solvtrans’s wellboat “Øyfjord”.

On board the “Rem Fortune”, there are around 1,800 cubic meters of freshwater according to the shipping company.

The water was pumped aboard the wellboat before the supply vessel went to refill with fresh water.


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