Video: Wellboat in rough seas

They are the salmon farmers’ workhorses. And it can be a tough job.

Thomas Hammero has produced this spectacular video, filming the wellboat ‘Rostein’ sailing outside Froya, Central Norway. Heavy waves crash over the deck of the well boat, loaded with live fish.

Time lapse video: Wellboat ‘Rostein’s’ travel from the North Cape to the Western fjords

The video gives an idea of what it can be like to sail in a North Sea storm, not least in wintertime when the storm centers are stacked along the coast. It also emphasizes the crucial role the wellboat fleet plays in the logistics of farming salmon.

The ‘Rostein’ is owned by the Haroy shippng company of the same name. This current voyage ends at SalMar processing plant Innovamar, at Nordskaget, Froya.


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