Vindheim on NTS bidding: “Our interest is still there”

Aslak Berge
Mowi is not out of the dance.

When Norwegian salmon farming company SalMar submitted a bid of 120 kroner per share for its competitor, NTS, on Monday afternoon, it exceeded market leader Mowi’s bid of 110 kroner. 28 minutes after SalMar’s bid became known, Mowi withdrew its bid.

The reason why Mowi withdrew the offer was that the basis, especially the condition that at least 50 per cent of the shareholders accept the offer, fell away.

Mowi did not want to comment on the bidding process this week, but in the wake of today’s presentation of results, CEO Ivan Vindheim took the bull by the horns.

“We are an industrial player, so it is a prerequisite that we have an influence on a possible purchase. Therefore, we must have at least 50 per cent for it to be relevant,” he said to E24.

“Our interest is still there, and if the conditions change, we will look at it again, because we think it is a good match for us. It should not surprise anyone,” Vindheim added.


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