Vindheim: “We were invited by a majority of the shareholders in NTS to make an offer”

Aslak Berge
Acquisition bids come at the invitation of the NTS breakaways.

On Monday morning, the bid came in at NOK 110 per NTS share. But it is not a hostile takeover bid.

“We were invited by a majority of the shareholders in NTS to make an offer for the NTS group. This is a friendly response to that inquiry, and an industrial push on Mowi’s part,” said Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim to E24.

The group that has invited Mowi, and probably other large producers, to bid on the company is identical to the one that bid 105 kroner a week ago.

“Then we hope such an offer can be attractive to the company’s shareholders and employees,” said Vindheim.

Helge Gåsø, NTS’ largest shareholder, confirmed to IntraFish that the invitation to let Mowi bid for the company does not come from him.

Believe in more
The financial market, however, has no belief that the offer of NOK 110 per share will go through. The NTS share has risen 11.5 per cent, to 122.50 kroner, after one hour of trading. It is 12.50 kroner above the bid.

At the same time, the Mowi shares are up 0.7 per cent.

Norway Royal Salmon (NRS), which is 68 per cent owned by NTS, increased in value by 7.7 percent.

However, Brønnbåt and the service company Frøy, 72 per cent owned by NTS, have seen their share price fall by 2.7 per cent. Mowi has previously got rid of its wellboats and work boats, as this was not part of the company’s core business.


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