Virus sealed fate of 400,000 cleaner fish at SalMar plant

Viral attack at SalMar’s Langstein plant in Stjørdal (Mid-Norway).  

“It’s the first time since we started up here in 2015 that we’ve experienced this. Immediately after discovering the viral attack a few weeks ago, measures were implemented, and the lumpfish in this section were destroyed,” Bjørn Hembre, head of fry production at SalMar, told local newspaper Stjørdalens Blad.

Listed salmon farmer SalMar has five separate aquaculture production sections at the Langstein plant, and according to Hembre, each section is hygienically protected from infection separate from the other sections. This means that the four sections that were not affected by the viral attack are in full production.

“How the infection found its way into this particular section is unknown to us – as yet,” said Hembre.

The destroyed fish will be pulverised, and probably used for feed at mink farms.


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