Visscher Seafood announces major organizational restructuring amidst expansion

Editorial Staff

Visscher distributes more than 50,000 metric tons of salmon annually.

Dutch seafood giant Visscher Seafood has unveiled a significant organizational restructuring effective immediately, following its recent expansion.

The company, which distributes over 50,000 metric tons of salmon globally, has established three new specialized divisions to streamline its operations.

The restructuring introduces the following divisions, each operating as a separate entity under the broader Visscher Seafood Group:

  1. Aquaculture Division: This division will oversee the company’s investments in fish farming companies. It aims to manage the group’s involvement in aquaculture and strengthen its seafood value chain.
  2. International Division: Centralizing Visscher Seafood’s global trading activities, this division will unify international trading offices from Norway to worldwide locations, bolstering the company’s international presence and market engagement.
  3. Sales & Processing Division: Dedicated to processing and sales, this division will handle the company’s value-added products, operating in the market under the name Visscher Seafood.

In addition to the restructuring, Visscher Seafood has announced a key leadership development. Johannes Korf, previously the Head of Sales, is stepping up as a partner in the Sales and Processing division. The ownership of Visscher Seafood Group will continue under the Brouwer Food Group, with Tim Brouwer remaining as CEO.

This strategic reorganization marks a new phase in Visscher Seafood’s growth, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and market responsiveness across its diverse range of activities in the seafood sector. The company expressed optimism about navigating this new phase with the support and collaboration of its partners and stakeholders.

In 2019, Visscher launched the premium salmon concept Varlaks. The brand, which is farmed above the arctic circle, is never treated with chemicals, antibiotics or additives and grown in low density net pens at remote locations.
In February this year, Norwegian salmon giant SalMar sold the former sales operation of Norway Royal Salmon (NRS) in Kristiansand, Norway, to Visscher.