Volcanco erupts near Benchmark’s Iceland facilities

Aslak Berge

So far, no injuries or damages have been reported.

The volcanic eruption started late Friday evening about 40km southwest of the capital Reykjavik.

According to the newspaper Morgunblaðið, the eruption was considered small and controlled.

The Meteorological Institute of Iceland reported that an eruption began at Fagradalsfjall, which erupted for the first time in centuries following a series of small earthquakes in the area.

In this area, Benchmark Genetics’ subsidiary Stofnfiskur (Benchmark Genetics Iceland) has two separate broodstock facilities, an incubation centre and a family production unit.

The fish health and breeding company states on its own website that all its employees are uninjured after the volcanic eruption.

Jonas Jonassen (pictured) is the CEO of the Benchmark company Stofnfiskur. Photo: Aslak Berge

“Our fish farms are in operation and out of danger. Fish/roe OK. We can get to all our facilities. Feed, oxygen, water supply and electricity are OK. No sign of change as it is right now,” wrote Benchmark Genetics.

“The eruption is very small. Lava flows away from our facilities and the winds also blow the gas from us. The earthquakes have finally stopped and there are no signs of damage to our facilities. The airport is open and should remain so if nothing changes. No power supply is in danger. We are following this carefully and prepared for changes. Hopefully, this will remain so small that it will soon be over,” Benchmark added.