Vónin and Mørenot Scotland merge as Hampiðjan Group continues major restructure

Matthew Wilcox

The merger represents a strategic consolidation of aquaculture services under the Vónin brand.

Vónin has consolidated its presence in Scotland with the takeover of Mørenot Scotland.

The merger is a key part of the broader restructuring plan of Icelandic-parent company Hampiðjan Group, which acquired Mørenot earlier in 2023.

This plan initially involved the reorganization of Mørenot into three distinct divisions: Mørenot Aquaculture, Mørenot Fishery, and Hampidjan Advant, the latter combining the operations of Mørenot Offshore and Hampidjan Offshore.

The merger is expected to streamline operations and bring together the expertise and resources of both entities to better serve the industry, according to a release from Vónin issued on Monday.

Hjalmar Petersen, CEO of Vónin is excited about the change: “This takeover marks a landmark moment in our history,” he said.

“We have steadily grown our presence in Scotland, emerging as a key supplier in the local aquaculture industry. With Vónin Scotland, we’re not just consolidating our position but also gearing up to bring even more innovation and excellence to the market.”

David Goodlad, Managing Director at Vónin Scotland was also enthusiastic.

“Becoming part of Vónin opens fantastic new opportunities. The combination of Vónin’s strong market reputation and our local know-how is a powerful one. We’re looking forward to an exciting future and achieving great things together.”

This latest development follows the May 2023 announcement by Hampiðjan Group of a major overhaul aimed at addressing financial challenges, including excessive overhead investments. The restructuring saw a number of significant changes, including the relocation of Mørenot’s head office and the departure of key leadership figures.


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