Vryhof Anchors secure contract for giant offshore salmon grow-out

editorial staff

Dutch company to provide mooring for one of the world’s largest floating structures ever made.

In a press release today, Vryhof Anchors reported that they have landed a multi-million dollar deal for HavFarm 1, Nordlaks’ giant offshore grow-out.

The 385m long and 59.5m wide Havfarm 1, which is owned and operated by the Norwegian-based aquaculture company, will hold up to 10 thousand tonnes of fish. The radical construction was designed by NSK Ship Design.

Vryhof Anchors designs, manufactures, and supplies drag anchors and related mooring equipment for large floating structures.

According to Nordlaks founder Inge Berg, up to two million salmon could start doing their rounds in the titan as early as spring next year.


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