Wage agreement reached for Norwegian fish meal and fish feed industry

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Negotiations impact around 700 members of Industri Energi working in companies such as BioMar, Pelagia, Skretting, MOWI Feed, and EWOS.

Norwegian workers union Industri Energi (IE) and the country’s Seafood Federation (Sjømat Norge) have successfully concluded central wage negotiations for the fish meal and fish feed industry, resulting in a new wage agreement.

The negotiations, which took place over two days, resulted in a general wage increase of NOK 7 ($0.66/€0.61) per hour for all employees after an agreement was reached on Wednesday. Minimum wage rates will be increased by NOK 13.64 ($1.29/€1.19) per hour.

Industri Energi and Sjømat Norge, representing the employers, both expressed satisfaction with the outcome.

Ommund Stokka, a negotiator for Industri Energi, described the talks as constructive. “We met the other party with a number of issues that the collective bargaining conference asked us to solve. We have reached the goal with the most important ones,” Stokka said.

The agreement includes several key changes to shift work supplements:

  • Afternoon shift: NOK 29.85 ($2.80/€2.60) per hour
  • Night shift: NOK 44.22 ($4.15/€3.85) per hour
  • Sunday/holiday shift: NOK 114.97 ($10.81/€10.00) per hour
  • Major public holidays: NOK 206.73 ($19.43/€17.99) per hour

Other significant points in the agreement include:

  • Increased Rest Periods: Shift workers who are called back to the company will now have a rest period of 11 hours, up from the previous 8 hours.
  • Early Holiday Planning: Employees can now plan their holidays earlier, preferably by April 1.
  • Diploma Supplement: The diploma supplement, a bonus for holding certain qualifications, is increased from NOK 12.50 ($1.18/€1.09) to NOK 13.30 ($1.25/€1.16), representing a 6.5% increase.

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