Waitrose salmon supplier stockpiling ahead of Brexit

“We’re heading into a period – it could be in the coming weeks – of real risk.”

Aquascot chairman Dennis Overton has put contingency plans in place ahead of Britain’s departure from the EU on the 29th of March.

Talking to BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme, Overton said: “We’re at quite a serious point.”

“If we do see a no-deal exit from the EU, that’s going to be problematic to quite a number of players in the food and drink sector.

“It’s probably most extreme for those people who export high-value perishable products and seafood. Shellfish, farmed salmon and farmed trout come into that.”

He added: “We’re heading into a period – it could be in the coming weeks – of real risk.

“That risk has been looked at and thought about, but frankly it’s a big challenge. (There are) big red flashing lights on at the moment.”

The high-end supplier to Waitrose and Ocado – which was founded in 1987 – added that Brexit uncertainty is setting off “big red flashing lights” for Alness-based (Scotland), supplier. Overton added that the company has been stockpiling some goods and preparing for shipping delays.

In January, leading supermarkets, including Waitrose, were among a host of large retailers to warn MPs that a no-deal Brexit next week will see items disappear from supermarket shelves and could put the UK’s food security at risk.


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