Walmart Canada rolls out fresh salmon range from Mowi

42 Walmart Canada stores across British Columbia. Numbers tripled Mowi’s original sales forecast.

Mowi Canada West is selling a new range through Walmart Canada, reports the salmon farmer in its latest newsletter Mowi Wharfside.

On April 1, Mowi Canada West launched its newest seafood initiative, the first Walmart Canada “Fresh Never Frozen” program under the Marine Harvest label.

Mowi wrote that for the first time its CPA (Consumer Products of the Americas) business unit launched in the Canadian market.  The new Fresh Seafood Skin Pack Product was processed in Surrey, B.C. before delivery to 42 Walmart Canada stores. The first purchase order was received on March 27, with product shipped by April.

The program includes seven items: four Atlantic farmed salmon from Mowi Canada West’s B.C. farms, two wild salmon options, and one Pacific Cod. The initial launch resulted in numbers that tripled Mowi’s original sales forecast.

The program is set to expand to more distribution centres.

Joe Fidalgo, Managing Director of CPA, said: “Being able to supply fresh never frozen products directly to the end consumer across Canada for the first time has been a great win for our company. Our workers across Canada can see the fruits of their labour in their own shops.  The work started back in 2019 and the launch date was set. No one could have anticipated it would launch in the middle of a crisis”.