Watch: Orcas caught on camera at Scottish Sea Farms owned site off Orkney

Editorial Staff

Orcas have been spotted near a salmon farm in Bring Head, Orkney.

In a rare event, a pod of orcas was recently filmed near a site operated by Scottish Sea Farms in Bring Head, Orkney. The appearance of the majestic marine mammals has drawn significant excitement among both locals and wildlife enthusiasts.

The footage, captured by one of the company’s fish health specialists, shows the orcas gracefully navigating the waters close to the salmon enclosures.

Orca are frequently seen around Orkney, feeding in the rich seas that surround the islands, and can often be spotted from the land. However, in most cases, they are significantly further from the shore—with very few people getting up close to one of the majestic animals.

The farm management reported that there was no disturbance to the farm or the salmon, and the orcas moved on after a brief period. The event was an extraordinary opportunity for observation and study of these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat.


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