Water treatment system company must shell out €2.5 million after legal dispute with salmon farmer

Alexander Saue

Legal dispute between Bremnes Seashore and Sterner.

The case relates to Bremnes Seashore’s development of its smolt facility at Vindafjord, Western Norway.

It did not go quite as planned during the construction of two of four tanks. Sterner had entered into contracts with Bremnes Seashore for the delivery of water treatment facilities. But by the end of the settlement, there was so much distance between the parties that the matter was taken to court.

According to the verdict in Haugesund District Court, Bremnes received most of its demands, the newspaper Grannar writes.

After the final settlement, Sterner made a claim for EUR 2.3 million in compensation, and Bremnes Seashore had a counterclaim of about EUR 0.8 million for compensation for errors and deficiencies in engineering.

In sentencing, Bremnes Seashore was acquitted of paying Sterner EUR 0.3 million a claim. Sterner was ordered to pay EUR 2.1 million to Bremnes Seashore, as well as EUR 0.4 million to cover the legal fees.

The verdict was handed down on April 15 and the appeal deadline is one month.