‘We already have the world’s best salmon, and now it will become even better’

Editorial Staff

Norwegian salmon producer Brødrene Karlsen, based on Husøya in Senja, has recently completed an upgrade to its salmon processing machinery.

Speaking about the decision, CEO Rita Karlsen emphasised the importance of sustainability in their operations, particularly the reuse of machinery to avoid unnecessary waste.

“It is crucial for us to focus on reuse because sustainability is a core value for us. We aim to prevent functional machines from ending up in landfills,” she said.

The new technology not only streamlines food production but also aligns with the group’s commitment to environmental stewardship. “Being in a nature-based industry, we consider sustainability daily; it underpins everything we deliver and stand for,” Karlsen added.

The company also focuses on contributing positively to its local community, recognizing the interdependence between the business and its surrounding environment.

“We live very close to our local communities and are mutually dependent on each other. Without a well-functioning local community, we don’t have the basis for our businesses. Therefore, we spend a lot of time and resources contributing to the quality of life in the areas where we are,” said Karlsen.

Baader bought back the existing machines, which were moved out of the factory a couple of weeks ago and has already found a new home for them.

“Our products are developed and produced with a long-term perspective, and we really appreciate Rita’s mindset,” says sales manager Kjell Arthur Lind-Olsen.

He adds that these two machines have been in use since 2011 and 2013 and are therefore due for an upgrade.

For Brødrene Karlsen, it was not enough to replace a couple of older machines with new ones.

The company also decided to invest in Baader’s new fillet scanner as well. This machine scans and inspects every single fillet to obtain precise data about the physical dimensions, colour, melanin spots, gaping, and skin damage. The data is used to rank and distribute the fillets to the correct station before packing and distribution.

“We wanted to produce fillets in a more efficient way with higher quality and speed, as well as better control. It is absolutely crucial for a company like Brødrene Karlsen that we make such investments if we are to keep up with the developments in our industry. If we don’t innovate, we will fall behind, and then we lose out in the long run. It’s about gaining margins where we can so that we get a better and more efficient production and, most importantly, a better product to our customers,” says Karlsen.

“We already have the world’s best salmon product, and it will now become even better with the changes we have made.”

Brødrene Karlsen was founded by Hilbert and Aksel Karlsen as early as 1932. Hilbert’s son Roar took over in 1978 before his daughter Rita became the group’s CEO in 2010. Baader has been part of the company’s journey through all three generations.

“What is essential for us is that we receive the machines we request and need. We have had a long-standing collaboration with Baader, which unbelievably extends beyond my lifetime, so we know that we get quality when we deal with them. It is also about having the machinery that gives the company the stability, and security that we need,” says the 54-year-old.


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