SalMar partners with Cargill to launch $50 million Living Salmon Lab; ‘We are at a crossroads’

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SalMar have announced the launch of innovation and R&D initiative, the Living Salmon Lab in collaboration with feed producing giant Cargill. 

“We are excited to launch a new chapter on our journey, pushing ourselves even further,” said SalMar CEO Frode Arntsen introducing a video presentation from owner Gustav Witzoe at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum on Wednesday.

“We are at a crossroads,” said Witzoe in the presentation. “We see over time, that the developments are heading in the wrong direction. It is our responsibility to get back to mortality approaching zero.”

SalMar CEO Frode Arntsen shakes hands with Cargill’s Helene Ziv-Douki. Photo: NASF

Salmon Living Lab is a collaborative effort bringing partners across the salmon supply chain together, it will also lead to building of an innovation and R&D centre which will house various activities and function as a focal point for knowledge, according to SalMar.“We have succeeded in bringing large quantity of much sought-after salmon to customers and consumers worldwide. Now, we must acknowledge that we face greater challenges than we have done before,” said Witzøe.

Watch: Video presentation on SalMar’s new $50 million effort to end industry’s mortality issue

Statistics show that key performance indicators are trending in the wrong direction. Fish mortality is increasing. Fish welfare is more challenging. The feed conversion ratio is going up.

“We must realise that there are simply too many gaps in our knowledge. We need to know more about the salmon which is the most important part of our value chain,” Witzøe continued.

With a start up investment estimated at NOK 500 million ($50 million) SalMar will pioneer a state of the art innovation centre, with projects across the entire value chain.

“On the terms of the salmon, to ensure we can deliver healthy nutritious salmon to the world population,” promised Witzoe.

Founded in 1991, SalMar is the world’s second largest producer of farmed salmon with an estimated harvest volume of 277,500 for 2024. The company has the potential for 362,000 within a few years, according to Arntsen.


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