“We have built over 500 RAS facilities around the world”

Aslak Berge

Customer experience and security, Billund Aquaculture’s safest cards in the battle for new contracts.

“This is the first time Billund Aquaculture is investing in Aqua Nor,” said Billund Aquaculture Marius Hægh sales manager to SalmonBusiness.

“We have established a new brand, and we wanted to show that here at Aqua Nor. The first day is often the quietest day, but today there has been high pressure throughout the day,” he added.

Much work
It is crowded at the company’s Aqua Nor stand. Interest in their core product, land-based fish farming recycling facility, is in the offing. And demand is feverish and global.

“Everything is growing, and RAS has gained a foothold. But there is still a lot of work to be done,” he added.

Billund Aquaculture undoubtedly has a lot to do. The customer list includes Atlantic Sapphire’s giant plants outside Miami, as well as a near-endless number of smolt plants and food fish plants in a number of different countries.

“We have the experience we have with many projects. To appear as a safe choice for the customer is important. We have learned a little from each project. We have built over 500 RAS departments worldwide. Each facility has several departments. In total, we have built 130 plants,” said Sondre Høidalen, CEO of Billund’s Norwegian subdivision.

Danske Billund Aquaculture is 51 per-cent owned by Broodstock Capital, part of Andresen family’s investment company Ferd. The remainder is owned by the entrepreneurs.

“I work mostly in Norway. I am primarily in the smolt area and I talk to Norwegian customers and investors,” said Hægh. “The parent company in Denmark handles the major international projects. I started in 2017. We are 16 and have been depending on support from our sister companies out there. We have been relying on support from our sister companies abroad”.

He did not want to comment on any contracts entered into at the fair or later.

“There is something that is public and something that is not public,” he said.

Clean water
Hægh emphasised clean water as Billund’s strongest card when competing for new contracts.

“We have the best water quality among all RAS suppliers,” he claimed. “We have grown a lot in recent years and now have over 250 employees – 100 new just in the past year”.


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