Wellboat first on hand to save damaged vessel

editorial staff

“Orca Yagan” arrived at the scene.

Cooperativa reports that the wellboat the “Orca Yagan” was the first to make contact with the people who were aboard the crew of a damaged boat, in the remote Huichas Islands, Aysén Region, Southern Chile.

“Orca Yagan”. PHOTO: Naviera Orca

Authorities received a distress call at around 10:00 p.m. Monday, from the crew of the vessel “Leonor” which had run aground.

Before they arrived, the “Orca Yagán” made sure the people who were on board the damaged ship were not injured.

Chilean Armada personnel managed to rescue four crew members who were then safely transferred to 25 kilometres away to the nearest port shore during the early hours on Tuesday. Authorities are currently preventing a possible oil spill as well as planning to tow damaged vessel away.

The “Orca Yagan” was built in 1998 by Aas Mek. Verksted. It is operated by wellboat operator Naviera Orca Chile.


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