Wellboat runs aground outside Mowi processing plant

Sindre Nordeide

Frøy Gruppen and Mowi confirm the grounding. 

On Monday morning, the 84.6 meter long wellboat “Gåsø Freyja” from Frøy Gruppen ran aground outside Mowi’s processing plant at Ulvan on Hitra, Norway.

The head of the Frøy Group’s wellboat, Oddleif Wigdahl, confirms the accident to SalmonBusiness. “That’s right, but the boat is sailing again and has made it to the processing plant now,” he says.

Wigdahl says that the accident happened when the boat was due to dock at the plant.

“We are told that everything is under control, but of course we have to go down with divers later to inspect.”

SalmonBusiness has contacted Mowi who confirms the accident, but does not wish to comment on anything beyond this.

The captain of the “Gåsø Freyja” did not want to make a comment when SalmonBusiness contacted the boat, but also referred to the management of the shipping company.

According to Yr, it is cloudy at the accident site and a fresh breeze is blowing from the south.

It is less than a year since  “Gåsø Freyja” collided with “Ro Vision”, after the latter boat had a chain that was broken.


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