Wellboat carrying over 200 tonnes of salmon sinks in Chile


The wellboat “Seikongen” started to sink after taking on water Wednesday Morning. 

The boat is under contract with Chilean farmer Camanchaca, but is owned by Empresas Maritimas of Chile.

The crew abandoned the ship and was rescued by naval boats, according to Soy Chile.

The incident took place near the beach of Pilpilihue, next to the city of Puerto Montt, more than 1,000 kilometers south of Santiago.

The crew of eleven is safe. There were 200 tons of salmon and about 70 tons of fuel on board.The naval boats are making efforts today to avoid further fuel spills.

“The first stage of the emergency is already under control, instructing the representative of the damaged ship to activate its emergency protocols, in order to secure the vessel. As for the causes, circumstances and persons responsible for the incident, these are the subject of a summary administrative investigation by the Maritime Prosecutor of the Maritime Government of Castro,” informed the Maritime Governor, Hector Aravena.