Wellboat and service boat participates in rescue of docked fishing vessel

Stian Olsen

A fishing boat that was grounded on Friday was rescued by a wellboat.

Service vessels to salmon farmers assisted when a fishing boat was grounded in Laksefjord in Lebesby municipality in ‘d the extreme northern part of Norway, Finnmark,on Friday afternoon according to iFinnmark.

Grieg Seafood hires vessels belonging to service shipping company, Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice.

There were two people aboard the vessel and there have been no reported injuries.

The wellboat “Christine” used by the fish farmer Grieg Seafood first came for assistance, followed by service vessel “Hans”.

The two fishermen were flown by a Sea King helicopter to safety.

The manging director of Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggsservice, Keneth Larsen, told SalmonBusiness that he didn’t know all the details of the case, and was unable to comment on what happended prior to the rescue.

PHOTO: Vidar Olsen

According to Larsen, they were contacted on Saturday morning by the insurance company, asking if they had any of company’s vessels nearby, who could assist.

“The nearest vessel we had was” Hans ” (…) We received acceptance from our customer whom we are hired and who owns a boat and crew (Grieg Seafood Finnmark) to assist in the accident and set the course north around 3 pm on Saturday afternoon. We arrived at the casualty around lunch on sunday and a few hours later we had the casualty floating in the side of “Hans” in full control of the situation, Larsen wrote.

The boat was then taken to a dock near, where reparations started on the engine and gear. By 2 o’clock the vessel was fixed.

“In other words, the operation was deemed a success. We managed to save the accident without inflicting further damage. The happy and satisfied shipowner thanked us for a successful mission when we headed south again.”

According to Larsen, they are involved in between two and three times a year of these kind of operations.