What recruiting agencies look for when searching for leadership candidates in the aquaculture industry

Andreas Witzøe

“The best is a combination of education in fisheries and something mercantile. We also see that knowledge of sustainability becomes more important,” said Karoline R. Tømmerbakk, recruiter at Personalhuset.

At the time of writing, Finn.no’s job market had 16,821 jobs on its site – of which 79 are in fisheries and aquaculture. Only a few of these are through recruitment agencies.

“Here in Nordland, we have just started recruitment to the aquaculture industry. Mainly, there are management positions we have recruited so far,” said Tømmerbakk.

In Møre og Romsdal, Western Norway, Personalhuset has recruited all positions for the land-based Salmon Evolution, and in Nordland, they have just signed an agreement with Salten Aqua which secures several assignments going forward.

“We have to take care of all the staffing and recruiting for them. In addition, we have helped Andfjord Salmon, which we consider to be a very exciting project,” said Tømmerbakk.

Want to increase
“We see that there is a lot of recruiting for the industry already, and we know that the aquaculture industry will need more recruitment in the future. That is why we have also started with it in Nordland, and hope to use the knowledge we have already gained in further recruitment,” said Tømmerbakk.

In the management positions, they have been recruiting candidates for, she said that it is a combination of education in fisheries and management the companies are looking for.

“This is how you understand both the industry and you can be a contributor in finance and management,” said Tømmerbakk.

In addition, she pointed out that knowledge of sustainability is something that is increasingly important to have in today’s job market.

Labour market
At Jobzone, a competing recruitment firm, they stated that there is currently a great lack of expertise in most industries and that the aquaculture industry is hardly an exception.

“In JobZone we are not particularly focused on that industry, but we see the same trends there as well. Generally speaking, there is a worker’s market now,” said an adviser.

“There is a lot of activity, but a great lack of qualified,” she added.


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