White House signs executive order to ramp up American seafood including aquaculture

USA imports over 85 percent of the seafood consumed, seen as risky due to COVID-19.

President Donald Trump has signed an xecutive order to “identify and remove unnecessary regulatory barriers restricting American fishermen and aquaculture producers”.

The move, which is directive issued by the president of the United States, comes as retailers across the United States are limiting meat purchases from the fallout from the coronavirus.

Tyson Foods, one of America’s largest meat producers, had to shut down several huge plants to due outbreaks across the country in the past few works raising concerns about food security.

“It is critical that America take steps to strengthen our seafood supply and bring our nation’s seafood supply chain back home,” wrote the White House.

“More effective permitting related to offshore aquaculture and additional streamlining of fishery regulations have the potential to revolutionize American seafood production, enhance rural prosperity, and improve the quality of American lives,” it added.

It is not yet known if this includes salmon farming. Growth of the U.S. sector has been constrained by strict environmental regulations. To date, only Cooke operates salmon farms in Maine, USA.

In 2018, Washington State banned salmon farming after nearly a quarter million escaped fish escaped from Cooke’s pens. Though, the New Brunswick, Canada-headquarted company has since won approve to farm sterile rainbow trout at the former site.


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