Whole Foods predicts this will be the top-selling kids’ salmon food trend of 2020

editorial staff

Amazon’s food-service giant revealed the top trends and products that will dominate the food industry next year.

Jeff Bezos is betting big on consumers buying into West African cuisine, non-alcoholic beverages and macadamia butter. However, in terms of children’s’ food, salmon is on the menu.

The list was compiled by more than 50 Whole Foods employees including regional and global buyers and culinary experts with “decades of experience and expertise in product sourcing, studying consumer preferences and participating in food and wellness industry exhibitions worldwide,” the company wrote in a press release.

Whole Foods believes that brands are increasingly rethinking food for kids, with more millennials begining to have families. “By 2026, 80% of millennials will have children, and many parents are introducing their kids to more adventurous foods — with great results,” it wrote.

“They’re bridging the gap from old-school basic kids’ menus and taking more sophisticated younger palates into consideration. Think non-breaded salmon fish sticks. Foods that are fermented, spiced or rich in umami flavors. Colorful pastas in fun shapes made from alternative flours. Maybe it’s time adults start taking some cues from the kids’ menu,” it added.

Whole Foods suggests that Happy Fish Responsibly Farmed Salmon fish-shaped frozen salmon patties – made from Atlantic salmon farmed from  Norway-based Kvarøy will be a big player. For babies, they are expecting Serenity Kids 100% Wild Caught Coho Salmon puree pouch, to do well.


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