Why was Amazon’s Bezos in north Norway? Locals say aquaculture


A Norwegian business organiser and a fund manager think they know purpose of Amazon head’s recent hike in the land of the midnight sun

Fund manager Roger Berntsen believes Amazon founder and chief exec, Jeff Bezos, has big plans for Finnmark, Norway’s northernmost County, where he and his family have been sited recently.

Berntsen, who works for Netfonds Bank, is tracking an offensive Norwegian play by internet giant, Amazon. He doesn’t believe Bezos travelled to Finnmark just to see the Northern Lights at the beginning of April.

Secret visit
Kjetil Kristensen, who runs the town of Alta’s business organisation, told Norwegian E24.no that, “Many have discovered what’s happening in the North and in Alta, and Jeff Bezos is one of them.” Kristensen wouldn’t say what the nature of Bezos’s visit was or whether it was business or pleasure.

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Fund manager Bernsten said he knows why Bezos — the world’s riches man — travelled to Alta aboard his private jet.

Fulfilment centre
“Alta isn’t necessarily the right place to land if you want to see the Northern Lights,” Bernsten told E24.

“Amazon could be coming to open a fulfilment centre in Alta based, among other things, on salmon. You know they have bought Whole Foods,” he said, a reference to the US retailer of premium grocery list items.


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