Wide price gaps for next week, but the trend is sideways

Fourth week in a row with salmon price around EUR 10/kg.

“2-3 kg, which is quite a lot of now, goes somewhere between 80 and 90 kroner (EUR 7.9 and 8.8). Otherwise we have sold at 99 kroner (EUR 9.7) for 3-4 kg, 103 kroner (EUR 10.1) for 4-5 kg and 108 kroner (EUR 10.6) for 5-6 kg. We have very little of 6+ kg, so I have no price reference there,” says a fish farmer to SalmonBusiness.

That implies a small increase from last Friday.[factbox]

“Tt has been relatively high sales volumes compared to what Kontali had thought this month. Some harvested extra fish at 130 kroner (EUR 12.8), and then it [the price – ed. note] went down to 90 kroner (EUR 8.8).”

Contract share
He notes that there is limited availability of fish in the spot market.

“Some have a high contract share and that raises prices somewhat in the spot market. And not much has been done at Fish Pool in the last month,” he points out.

An exporter sees somewhat lower farmgate prices: “97/99/103 kroner (EUR 9.5/9.7/10.1)”, he writes in an SMS about the main sizes, three to six kilos. In that case, it means a fairly stable price from last Friday.

“Wide spread dependent on which fish”, writes another exporter, and adds: “95/100/105 (EUR 9.3/9.8/10.3) and 100/110/115 (EUR 9.8/10.8/11.3) – everything in between”.

“100” (EUR 9.8), writes a Polish importer, with reference to the average price in NOK (for fish farmers) for 4-5 kilos of salmon.

The price gap is also reflected in the fact that some has bought at lower prices than last Friday:

“We have paid 93 kroner (EUR 9.1) for 3-4, 96 kroner (EUR 9.4) for 4-5, 103 kroner (EUR 10.1) for 5-6 and 110 kroner (EUR 10.8) for 6+, bought in the north [of Norway]. And then I heard 95, 98, 102 kroner (EUR 9.3, 9.6 and 10) in southern part of Norway. It’s three kroner down. Out in the market it is even lower. The big ones are lower, selling for ten euros in the market,” says a third exporter.

“There is a shortage of customers who want fish and have credit insurance. It’s good that we have low volume. I rarely say that, but we have to have it nowadays,” he says.

He is aware that there is a large price spread in the field.

“There is a very big spread in the market. It’s very complicated. And then there is little fish among the free exporters. The big ones control it. Some of the customers pay the price, while others pay completely different prices.”


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