Williksen resigns as SalMar CEO

Olav-Andreas Ervik takes the helm at listed salmon farmer.

Over a period of time, Trond Williksen has expressed a desire to step down from the position of CEO of SalMar. The board of SalMar has been looking for his successor, and is pleased to inform that Olav-Andreas Ervik will take over as new CEO when Trond Williksen steps down.

Olav-Andreas Ervik, who has served as Director Farming, will take up his new position as CEO on 10 April 2018.

“The board of directors regrets that Trond Williksen has asked for relief from his position as CEO. In his role as CEO, he has continued SalMar’s efforts to be industry leading in biological production. Through his work, he has also contributed to the foundation on which to base a solid future development for the company. Olav-Andreas Ervik is well acquainted with the SalMar Group and its culture, and with him on board, SalMar is well equipped to deliver on our stated ambition to be industry leading in aquaculture with regards to biological production of salmon”, said Atle Eide, Chairman of SalMar.

Olav-Andreas Ervik

Trond Williksen took up his position as CEO of SalMar in the autumn of 2016. After his request to be relieved of the CEO duty, he will have a role in majority shareholder Gustav Witzoe’s investment tool Kverva, working on strategic development of parts of the Kverva portfolio.

“SalMar has completed a period of record results, and we have delivered a considerable amount of value creation to the company’s shareholders. I have had a fantastic time in the company. The task of heading SalMar is exciting but is also demanding. Those who know me, are aware that I have experienced a strenuous period over the past years, and I now want to focus more on myself for a period of time. I am confident that in Olav-Andreas Ervik, SalMar has a CEO who is able to build on the company’s foundation”, said Trond Williksen.

“SalMar is an amazing company with highly skilled employees and a unique company culture. I will meet most of them at an important group event over this coming weekend, and I look forward to continuing working with them and other SalMar staff. We will succeed in our ambition is to be the world’s best aquaculture company,” said Olav-Andreas Ervik, the new CEO of SalMar.

Olav-Andreas Ervik (41) has more than 20 years of experience from the aquaculture industry, and has worked in SalMar since 2012. Prior to his appointment as Director Farming in 2014, he served as general manager of SalMar Farming. He has also held management positions in Lerøy Midnor, Scottish Seafarms (where SalMar has a 50% ownership share) and Lerøy Hydrotech. Ervik started his career in the industry as a keeper, providing him with practical fish farming experience.

“Olav-Andreas Ervik is well acquainted with the SalMar Group and the company culture, and with him as CEO, SalMar is very well equipped to deliver on our stated ambition to be the industry leading company in biological production of salmon,” said Atle Eide. “Together with the rest of the board, I look forward to working with Mr. Ervik and his team, to realise the goal of establishing SalMar as the world’s leading aquaculture company.”

The CEO transition is effective 10 April, but Trond Williksen will remain at the board’s disposal through his period of resignation (six months), thus ensuring that the company’s interests are served by contributing to a good transfer of ongoing engagements.


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