With 8,542 tonnes harvested so far this is Arctic Fish’s strongest ever year

editorial staff

Arctic Fish has already harvested and sold more salmon this year than in any previous year in the history of the company.

Icelandic salmon farmer Arctic Fish, which is part owned by NRS, has reported a strong performance for the 3rd quarter of 2021.

The company has harvested 8,542 tonnes so far this year with a projected 11,500 tonnes to be the total harvested volume for the year. The operational farming EBIT is NOK 10.6 (€1.08) per kilo and is the best performance within the year of 2021 and 9 per cent improvement in EBIT compared to the previous quarter.

The EBIT in the quarter is NOK 27 million (€2.7 million) and is NOK 12 million (€1.2 million) higher than in the previous quarter. The EBIT, year to date until the end of the 3rd quarter is NOK 115 million (€11 million) and the net profit is NOK 117 million (€12 million) for the same period.

The price achievement in the quarter was the major driver for the good operational farming EBIT with an average price achievement of NOK 55 per kilo for sold salmon in the quarter.

Sold salmon accounted for NOK 161 million (€16 million) in the quarter and total revenue so far in 2021 amounts to around NOK 430 million (€43 million).


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