Work begins on sunken feed barge refloat operation

“Navsur IV” lies 106m deep beneath the waves, just under 4km from the north coast of Skyring, Río Verde, Magallanes Region, Chile. All three crew members were declared dead in May.

Marine salvage airbags deployed by Oxxean. PHOTO: Armada de Chile

Families of the deceased will almost certainly get answers almost two months since the feed barge “Navsur IV” sunk and was found on the 7th May. It is now being prepped to be refloated, Chile’s Naval Armada posted on Twitter on Friday.

It is still unknown why the vessel that belonged to Soldasur subsidary Navsur Transport got into trouble while transporting salmon feed for Blumar subsidiary Bluriver.

The salvage mission is being carried out by the Chilean authorities and refloat specialists Oxxean.

“The Third Naval Zone has been in constant contact with the relatives of the missing crew members, informing them of all the procedures carried out through the official information channel,” the Navy told

The emergency inflatable raft is not believed to have been activated.


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