Work on the new version of closed-containment post-smolt facility FishGLOBE has started

Aslak Berge

After gaining experience from two years of operation, the second version of the futuristic looking fish farm is now being built.

Finnish-owned industrial company Uponor Infra has started deliveries of Weholite panels and Weholite pipes for the construction of what they call FishGLOBE 3.5K #2.

“We delivered version 1 of FishGLOBE 3.5K #1, July 2019, and The Globe has been operating in the Lysefjord with very good results,” Uponor Infra industrial manager Geir-Are Berg told SalmonBusiness.

Closed-containment facilities
Uponor Infra specializes in deliveries of closed-containment and land-based fish farms.

Among other things, the company has delivered pipes to Andfjord Salmon and Salmon Evolution.

“After this delivery, we have continued to work with FishGLOBE, and have developed several alternative sizes for future Globes,” said Berg.

“We are very pleased that we are now in the process of version 2 FishGLOBE 3.5 K #2, which is based on the same basis as version 1, with the optimisation of some things that have been learned over almost two years in operation. The construction is designed to easily and reasonably transport large amounts of water. This reduces the need for oxygen additives, and costs are reduced,” he added.

The Globe will also be built in Bamble, South Norway, specifically at the shipyard BlueGreen.

“We know most of the employees in BlueGreen from previous cooperation with other clients, and look forward to the continuation of this cooperation,” said Geir-Are Berg.

“We plan to complete the Globe in Q3 2021,” he added.


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