Worker seriously injured by crane vehicle at salmon processing plant

Accident happened at the AquaChile-owned Salmones Cailín processing plant in Quellón, Chile.

Worker Miguel Ángel Cárdenas was driving a crane vehicle for the subcontractor Transportes Real de Ancud – when he was struck in the chest and had to be rushed to hospital last Thursday, reports RadioBioBio.

Authorities have opened an investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident which occurred inside Salmones Cailín’s processing plant.

Due to the nature of his spinal injuries, Cárdenas had to be rushed to a specialist hospital but he is now believed to be in a more stable condition.

Local salmon worker union rep Gustavo Cortes told the publication that Cailín must review its protocols to avoid accidents.

“The crane for that terrain that was not good, would have been too low (…), sometimes there are accidents that can be avoided,” he said.

In January, SalmonBusiness reported that another subcontractor lost a limb when got one of their arms caught in processing machinery inside Salmones Cailín’s plant.


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