World’s fourth-largest salmon producing country gives green light to algal oils

Editorial Staff

Move is pivotal for the industry’s shift towards alternative Omega-3 sources claims company.

Netherlands-based Veramaris, a supplier of Omega-3 EPA & DHA-rich algal oil, has obtained the first market authorization in Canada for using its product in feeds for salmonid species.

This milestone, achieved after a three-year registration process, aligns with the growth and sustainability goals of the aquaculture industry in Canada.

Veramaris’ authorization will enable the supply of ASC- and MSC-certified EPA & DHA to Canadian salmonid farming. This move is pivotal for the industry’s shift towards alternative Omega-3 sources, reducing reliance on fish oil, according to a press release from the company on Monday.

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The algal oil, produced in Blair, Nebraska, USA, meets essential nutritional requirements for fish health and welfare and enhances the nutritional value of farm-raised seafood.

Gertjan de Koning, CEO of Veramaris, emphasized the significance of this Canadian registration for meeting the global demand for alternative Omega-3 sources and its importance for the broader aquaculture industry.

“Securing authorization in Canada is an important step not only for Veramaris but also for the entire aquaculture industry,” said de Koning.

Tim Kennedy, President & CEO of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance, welcomed the development, noting its alignment with Canada’s aquaculture sustainability aspirations and the industry’s commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

As the world’s fourth-largest producer of salmonids, including farmed Atlantic salmon, Canada’s authorization of Veramaris’ algal oil is expected to contribute positively to the health and welfare of farm-raised salmon and to the advancement of sustainable practices within the Canadian aquaculture sector.


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