World’s largest delousing vessel delivered to Mowi

Stian Olsen

“Hydro Patriot”, which will operate for Mowi Region North and Nova Sea in Norway, is scheduled to operate next week.

It has been three months since Smir Group announced that it had signed a contract with Mowi for the delivery of the world’s largest delousing vessel.

The installation job has now been completed by shipbuilder Fiskerstrand Verft in Sunnmøre, Western Norway.

“The work has gone according to plan, and we are very pleased to have been handed over a vessel that further strengthens our processing capacity in the north,” communications manager Eivind Nævdal-Bolstad of Mowi told SalmonBusiness.

“Hydro Patriot” will, according to Nævdal-Bolstad, start work next week.

The vessel, which is 73m long and 16m wide, is equipped with eight Hydrolicer lines of the latest technology. It is also prepped for other important tasks for Mowi Nord and Nova Sea. Mowi owns 48 per-cent of the Lovund Group.

“Hydro Patriot”. PHOTO: Smir Group

SalmonBusiness has not been able to get a comment from CEO Øyvind Nymark of Smir Group. When the contract became known in May, he stated:

“We have had a long and good relationship with Mowi. They have been our partner in the development of Hydrolicer and are central to the establishment of the system. In 2015, we started the prototype together with Region Nord, and since then Mowi has had the system in its organisation as a tool to keep control of lice levels,” said Nymark.

But Jannicke Rogne, who is a design engineer/project manager in Smir Group, wrote the following in an e-mail to Salmonbusiness:

“The boat left Fiskerstrand on Saturday 1 August, and we look forward to seeing “Hydro Patriot” in operation. Smir Group is grateful for the trust Mowi has shown us”.

“Hydro Patriot”. PHOTO: Smir Group

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