World’s largest wellboat operator takes delivery of huge new vessel

Editorial Staff

New wellboat is designed with shelter decks that make it safer for crew to move around in bad weather.

The world’s largest wellboat operator Sølvtrans has officially taken delivery of a new ship, “Ronja Vita,” from Aas Mek. Workshop, marking the 39th vessel built for Sølvtrans by the shipyard.

The 76.96-metre-long vessel, designated as new build number 214 and model type AAS 3002, was handed over on Thursday, according to a press release from Aas Mek. Workshop.

“Ronja Vita” features a well volume of 3,000 cubic meters across two tanks, capable of transporting approximately 450 metric tons of live fish. The shipyard describes the boat as being equipped with the most advanced and innovative fish handling equipment available.

It is designed with a low draft relative to its loading capacity, making it particularly suitable for transporting smolt and operating in smolt facilities and other areas where a deeper draft might hinder access.

The wellboat is tailored for both open and closed system transport of live fish, ensuring safe and gentle handling. It includes a patented loading system developed in-house for efficient sorting and accurate counting of smolt. Additionally, the vessel features a shelter deck designed to enhance crew safety during adverse weather conditions.

“Ronja Vita” is also equipped with a system to control emissions during closed transport, which includes monitoring and treating all water circulation, a filter system for collecting lice, and UV treatment of the water.

Sølvtrans has more than 35 vessels in operation, operating with fish farming companies in Norway, Scotland, Canada, and Tasmania.


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