World’s second largest salmon farmer turns molecular biology lab into coronavirus testing facility

editorial staff

AquaChile now using its ALAB Molecular Biology Laboratory to help control, through early detection, the spread of Covid-19.

In a press release, AquaChile writes that its laboratory and molecular biology treatment available expertise is now available to perform Coronavirus tests in southern Chile.

The ALAB Molecular Biology Laboratory, located in Puerto Montt, will now be used exclusively for coronavirus tests – available to the health and military authorities in charge of the Los Lagos Region.

“The initiative makes this laboratory available to the country – with trained personnel and world-class research teams – to strengthen diagnostic capacity in regions IX, X, XI and XII of our country. The ALAB AquaChile Laboratory has the highest technology for carrying out viral disease detection tests,” it wrote.

“The adaptations are already being made and the protocols are being processed so that starting next Monday, March 30, our ALAB AquaChile Laboratory can perform and process coronavirus tests,” said AquaChile ALAB manager Alexis Martínez.


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