World’s second largest seafood company acquires Dutch processor

Matthew Wilcox

Nissui has been actively expanding its presence in Europe and the United Kingdom through a series of strategic acquisitions in recent years. 

Japanese seafood behemoth Nissui has acquired Netherlands-based processor Maxima Seafood.

The announcement came via a Tweet on Wednesday morning, confirming Maxima Seafood’s integration into the Nissui family.

“You need a partner if you want to dance the tango,” Maxima Seafood exec Martin Riemer told SalmonBusiness, confirming the deal. “We are very happy with the situation and think both parties will improve their business.”

Located in Ijmuiden, the Netherlands, Maxima Seafood has been an active player in the seafood industry since 1974. The company specializes in buying, processing, and distributing a range of seafood products, including both salmon and trout.

Nissui, the world’s second-largest seafood company, has been actively expanding its presence in Europe and the United Kingdom through a series of strategic acquisitions. In June 2021, Nissui acquired a 75 percent stake in Three Oceans, a move that further solidified its position in the global seafood market. This acquisition follows the company’s earlier purchase of Caistor Seafoods in 2017. Nissui has since integrated these two entities, strengthening its operational capabilities and market reach in Europe.

Already a prominent player in the European and UK seafood industries, Nissui boasts a portfolio of well-established subsidiaries. These include Cite Marine in France, Nordic Seafood in Denmark, Halieutis in France, Europacifico in Spain, and JP Klausen in Denmark.

Cite Marine and Halieutis are known for their expertise in processing and distributing seafood products in France, while Nordic Seafood and JP Klausen are key players in the Northern European market, offering a wide range of seafood products. Europacifico, operating in Spain, serves as a vital link in Nissui’s European supply chain, connecting South American seafood sources to the European market.


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